Criticizing The Eat This Not That Diet – What Experts Say About This Meal Plan

The Eat This Not That Diet has earned its way to being known all over America because of the author's appearance in The Ellen DeGeneres show. It may seem full of promises and it looks easy to follow. All you need to do is get a copy of the book, following the guidelines in choosing the right foods and after a few days, expect weight loss. But is this the real score? Does it really work that easy?

Here is what the experts have to say regarding the book and the diet plan itself:

o It affects the daunting nutritional truth about many popular foods. Most of us do not know how many calories we take as we indulge on our favorite foods. The book does a remarkable job in helping us realize the contents of the food we eat. It helps us discover that what may look healthy does not always insist that it really is healthy. We have to look at the bigger, brighter picture.

The book and the diet plan can be of great assistance to the fast-food addict, but not to one who has studied nutrition and dietetics thoroughly. The writer is not a recognized professional who has standing on discussing what foods are right and what are not. What he does is that he lays down two options and suggests the less evil. However, the recommended food is not exactly the right choice. This information can be a bit confusing to the dieter.

o The diet recommendations incorporated in the book were designed to the American lifestyle. The food choices that are recommended are generally mainstream and fit solely the American food options, therefore leaving the ethnic foods. It may be beneficial, but it selects only those that can benefit from it. It is not something that was intended for general purposes as it centered on the American way of living.

Source by Harold McDaniels

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