Detox Diet Plan – Fat Loss Detoxification Plan

For years you have been looking and searching days and nights for a formula that can help you lose weight, but somehow after countless days and nights and spending so much money and time trying one program after another, you only get temporary result if not at all.

If you are one of those people, then the detox diet plan might be the answer you have been searching all of those years. Read on, this article will tell you the secret on how you can lose weight 5-7 pounds in 1-2 weeks with no side effect at all using purely natural ingredients.

Losing 5-7 Pounds in 1 Week Using Detox Diet Plan

In a week you might expect to lose 5-7 pounds, something that may envy your friends. However, you must be aware that a detoxification diet should only be used no more than 10 days or else there could be adverse side effects on your body.

After those 10 days, you must maintain your metabolism rate with eating a lot of food every 3 hours rich in vitamin and protein. In that way you keep telling your metabolism system to burn excess fats in your body.

Food Composition during Detox Diet

During your 10 days of detox diet, you want to eat food that consist to a large part with nutrient and antioxidant since these ingredients can throw away toxin out of your body, something that become the benchmark of detox diet plan.

Also don’t forget to drink a lot of water and vitamin c during this phase. Research has been shown that vitamin c can help burn fat. The lack of vitamin c in your daily diet can increase body fat.

Example of Detox Diet Plan You Try Right Away

Here is the example of detox diet plan that you can try right away:

– Breakfast Plan Idea

Fruit salad with yogurt and banana, eat these morning at breakfast, you can combine this with oats, seeds and nuts and also add some honey into your yogurt.

– Lunch Plan Idea

Tuna combined with corn and prawn salad, eat these during lunch, you can also experiment with a combination of rice cakes, avocado and baked potato. Don’t forget to drink a bottle of green tea.

– Dinner Plan Idea

Baked salmon with tuna and noodle eat these as a dinner. You can also experiment with a combination of sweet and sour stir fry or bean casserole and potato.

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